Compressor oils


Compressor oils OPTIMA COMPRESSOR 100, 150, and 220 are highly-refined mineral oils with high oxidation stability. They contain active agents for ensuring low freezing point and oxidation stabilizers. OPTIMA COMPRESSOR 100 is designated for air and gas compressors working at temperatures of up to 160°C; for gas compressors, transmissions with precisely cut toothing working at circumferential speeds ranging from 10 m/sec to 15 m/sec, and for special cases of lubrication or hydraulic circulation systems. OPTIMA COMPRESSOR 150 is designated for air compressors working at discharge temperatures from 160°C to 200°C; for gas compressors, transmissions with precisely cut toothing working at circumferential speeds ranging from 5 m/sec to 10 m/sec, and for special cases of circulation greasing systems exposed to high temperatures. OPTIMA COMPRESSOR 220 is designated for air compressors working at discharge temperatures above 200°C, for gas compressors where gas ingredients are mixed with oil; for transmissions with precisely cut toothing working at circumferential speeds below 5 m/sec, a for certain special cases of circulation greasing systems exposed to high temperatures. Thanks to their properties, the OPTIMA COMPRESSOR oils are also suitable for use in other applications, e.g., as heat-bearing media or as technological oils for thermal processing of metals. They meet the following specifications: ISO VG100, 150, 220, ISO 6743: ISO-L-DAA, ISO-L-DAB, DIN 51506: VBL, VCL.

OPTIMA KOMPRESOR VDL 32/46/68/100/150

OPTIMA COMPRESSOR VDL oils are high-quality oils for compressors, whose formulas are based on highly-refined mineral oils with minimal evaporability. They contain additives that improve their low-temperature properties, special ash-free complex ingredient for improvement of the thermal and oxidation stability of these products and their other utility properties. Compressor oils of the OPTIMA COMPRESSOR VDL line are also characteristic for their low foaming rate and very good demulsification ability. They are designated for greasing air and gas compressors requiring particularly sophisticated lubricants. Their properties ensure very long replacement intervals. Typical applications include greasing of rotary (mostly threaded) compressors exposed to great stress (output temperature ≥ 100°C), are also suitable for turbo compressors, heavy-duty air and gas piston compressors (with terminal discharge temperatures up to 220°C). They meet the following specifications: ISO 6743/3A DAC (VDL 100 and 150), DAJ (VDL 46 and 68), DIN 51 506 VDL.