Engine oils


OPTIMA TSF is a semi-synthetic motor oil of extraordinary performance. This oil is made of highly refined, mildly aromatic mineral base oils, a dilution ingredient, polyisobutylene that eliminates carbon sedimentation, and effective, top-quality refining additives, used especially for improvement of lubrication and anti-corrosion properties, elimination of carbon sedimentation, etc. It is designated for greasing two-stroke, high-speed petrol engines requiring oils with outstanding properties (e.g., modern motorcycles, including racing motorcycles, automobiles, power saws, brush cutters, trimming machines, and other agricultural technology) that require oily lubrication mixed with gasoline or greasing by means of a pump. This oil meets the lubrication requirements of modern, top-performance two-stroke engines. Usually, it is mixed at a ratio of 1:50 or according to the engine manufacturer’s instructions. It is used all year round.


OPTIMA MARINE SAE 40 is a high-performance, single-stage motor oil. It is made of high-quality basic crude oil with low evaporability, produced using modern hydrogenation technology and high-quality refining additives (oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, ingredients for dispersant cleansing, greasing ingredients, etc.). OPTIMA MARINE SAE 40 is designated primarily for lubrication of stationary Diesel engines – e.g., engines used as drive units of backup sources of electrical power; it is also suitable for lubrication on marine Diesel engines as well as all engines requiring the use of oils in this performance class. They meet the following specifications: SAE 40, API CD, NEW SULZER DIESEL, ČKD.