Hydraulic oils

OPTIMA HM 22/32/46/68/100

Hydraulic oils OPTIMA HM are highly refined mineral oils containing active additives capable of improving oxidation stability, anti-wear as well as anti-corrosion additives, and additives against foaming. They are used for hydrostatic mechanisms with high exposure to mechanic and thermal factors. They meet ISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68, 100; ISO 6743: ISO-L-HM; DIN 51524/II-HLP.

OPTIMA HM 22 ZF/32 ZF/46 ZF/68 ZF/100 ZF

Hydraulic oils of the OPTIMA HM ZF line are highly-refined mineral oils containing ingredients for improvement of oxidation stability; ash-free and zinc-free anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion ingredients; and antifoaming ingredients. They are used for hydrostatic mechanisms exposed to great mechanical and thermal stress. They meet the following specifications: ISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, ISO 6743/4 - HM, DIN 51 502 - H, DIN 51 524, Part 2 - HLP, CETOP RP91H, and ISO TC 28/SC 4.

OPTIMA HM 22 F/32 F/46 F/68 F/100 F

Hydraulic oils of the OPTIMA HM line are highly-refined, specially filtered mineral oils containing active agents that improve oxidation stability and anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion and anti-foaming ingredients. They are used for hydrostatic mechanisms exposed to great mechanical and thermal stress. Purity class as per NAS 1638 corresponds to values 6 - 7. They meet the following specifications ISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68, 100; ISO 6743: ISO-L-HM; DIN 51524/II-HLP.

OPTIMA HV 22/32/46/68/100

OPTIMA HV is a highly-refined hydraulic mineral oil with a high-viscosity index for hydrostatic systems exposed to great stress and a broad range of temperatures. It contains ingredients against oxidation, corrosion, foaming, and mechanical wearing of hydraulic elements; a viscosity modifier that significantly improves the dependence of viscosity on temperature; and a depressant of the freezing point, thus improving the oil’s low-temperature properties. They meet the following specifications ISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68, 100; ISO 6743/4 HV, DIN 51 502 HV, DIN 51 524, Part 3 HVLP.


OPTIMA HFC 46 is hydraulic fluid based on high-stability polymers and water, suitable corrosion inhibitors and anti-wearing (AW) additives. It is a special, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, type HFC, designated primarily for application in locations highly exposed to the risk of fire or explosion. It is used in mines, in steel mills during chill casting, and foundries during die casting of aluminum and zinc alloys.


OPTIMA OT-HP3 is hydraulic oil made of highly refined mineral base oils and advanced refining ingredients for improvement of greasing and friction properties, resistance to oxidation, properties protecting against corrosion, etc. OPTIMA OT-HP3 is designated for use as a working liquid in hydrodynamic mechanisms (ATF) stationary as well as mobile machines; it is suitable for automatic transmissions in buses, construction machines, forklifts, etc., which require oils with particular specifications. It corresponds to VOITH specifications for – hydro-clutches and industrial retarders GM Type 3, ISO VG 32.

OPTIMA HEES 15/22/32/46

OPTIMA HEES 15, 22, 32 a 46 are high-quality, easily biodegradable hydraulic oils. They are made of a mixture of synthetic esters. They contain refining ingredients with active agents similar to classical hydraulic oils HM and HV, which ensure their high oxidation stability, excellent lubrication properties, outstanding properties protecting against corrosion and rusting. Characteristic also is their good resistance to low temperatures, low degree of their viscosity’s dependence on temperature, and very good surface properties. OPTIMA HEES 15, 22, 32, and 46 are designated primarily for hydrostatic mechanisms expose to high stress and high pressure, provided with hydrogenerators that require oils with high resistance to abrasion (lamellas, axial and radial pistons) and thermo-oxidation stability. They are particularly suitable for mobile hydraulic mechanisms deployed in unprotected environment all year, especially if there is a risk of system failure causing contamination of the environment by oil leakage (most often it concerns agricultural machines and equipment, forestry and construction technology used for work in protected country regions). They are capable of functioning within a great range of temperatures (from -25°C to 80°C). They meet the requirements of the Forest Code, i.e., Act No. 289/95 Coll., and related legal provisions on biodegradability. They meet the following specifications: ISO VG 15, 22, 32, and 46, ISO 6743/4 HM, DIN 51 502 H, VDMA 24568 HEES.


OPTIMA HFAS is a synthetic, non-flammable, hydraulic liquid lubricant that does not contain mineral oil. It is fully water soluble as it forms a stable solution when mixed with water. Its composition is environmentfriendly and its use ensures improvement of work conditions and work environment. OPTIMA HFAS is conceived on the basis of highly effective corrosion inhibitors, high-molecular-weight polymer ingredients, antifoaming ingredients, and conservation ingredients that guarantee its considerable longevity. It contains effective anti-abrasion ingredients (AW). OPTIMA HFAS is a synthetic concentrate of a hydraulic liquid, type HFA-S, developed as a filling for modern hydraulic wall systems in mines. The options of using this product are practically unlimited in all situations requiring transmission of force, protection against corrosion, greasing capability, and strong protection against bacteria. OPTIMA HFAS is suitable for use in hydraulic systems that require the use of hydraulic liquids with limited flammability, type HFA (water soluble) – usually, it is used in a concentration of 2 to 3%, diluted with demineralized or drinking water.


OPTIMA HFA is an emulsifying, non-flammable, hydraulic liquid lubricant. It is fully water soluble as it forms a stable emulsion with water. OPTIMA HFA is conceived on the basis of highly effective corrosion inhibitors, highly-refined mineral oil, high-molecular-weight polymer ingredients, emulsifiers, anti-foaming ingredients, and conservation ingredients that guarantee its considerable longevity. It contains effective anti-abrasion ingredients (AW). OPTIMA HFA is a concentrate of a hydraulic liquid emulsion, type HFA, developed as a filling for modern hydraulic wall systems in mines. The options of using this product are practically unlimited in all situations requiring transmission of force, protection against corrosion, greasing capability, and strong protection against bacteria. OPTIMA HFA is suitable for use in hydraulic systems that require the use of hydraulic liquids with limited flammability, type HFA (water soluble) – usually, it is used in a concentration of 2 to 3%, diluted with demineralized or drinking water.

OPTIMA PNEUMAT 22/32/46/68/100

Oils in the OPTIMA PNEUMAT line are highly refined mineral oils containing ingredient that improve antioxidation properties, increase the viscosity index, and reduce the flow point. Furthermore, they contain ingredients for higher resistance to abrasion, better low-temperature properties, and anti-foaming and anti-rusting ingredients. They are designated primarily for pneumatic tools and mechanisms. However, thanks to their favorable properties, they are also suitable for other applications, e.g., hydraulic technology. Adequate purity of these oils is ensured through highly effective filtration (8 as per NAS 1638). They correspond to classifications DIN 51 502 D, ISO 6743: ISO-L-P.