Industrial transmission oils

OPTIMA CLP 100/150/220/320/460/680

Industrial transmission oils of the OPTIMA CLP line are highly-refined mineral oils, whose properties have been improved by means of a friction modifier, high-pressure-resistant ingredients, antioxidants, and ingredients against corrosion. They are designated primarily for greasing all types of industrial transmissions, especially where their toothing is exposed to particularly high stress; they are suitable both for rolling transmissions (spur and bevel gears) and threaded transmissions (warm gears, etc.). Moreover, they can be used for lubrication of bearings and other movable parts of machines, especially those requiring oils with outstanding high-pressure properties. Oils of the OPTIMA CLP line can be used for applications where hitherto other oils had to be used in emergency, such as transmission oil for cars, heavy-duty compressor oils, etc. The meet the following specifications: ISO 6743/3 CKC, DIN 51 517, Part 3 CLP.