A top-quality laboratory equipped in an innovative way and meeting European standards is an important part of our company. The laboratory is located on the premises of OLEA CZ s.r.o., is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and holds documents conforming to the requirements of the ISO standards. Our company’s laboratory is used for incoming inspection of raw materials, in-process inspection of semi-finished products and final inspection of finished products.

Only technicians with university background work in the laboratory. The results of analysis are recorded in the forms and then input into the AROP corporate system. In addition to the pre-set qualitative attributes it oversees compliance with technical standards and generates certificate of quality of the final products. Our laboratory regularly participates in laboratory round tests (SGS-IIS, ASLAB) allowing us to rely on laboratory results with the given error of a particular parameter. Statistical monitoring of individual qualitative parameters of each production batch comes as a matter of course, which helps to detect any quality anomaly or defect on the device.

In addition to operational analysis we also offer the services of our laboratory to our customers. We monitor the quality of supplied lubricants during use and we extend the life of our lubricants by proper prophylactic diagnosis. We also provide laboratory services to external parties such as analysis of fuels, industrial oils, metalworking fluids, etc., including professional tribodiagnostic evaluation of oil.