Multifunction oils

OPTIMA MULTI 32/46/68/100/150/220/320

Oils of the OPTIMA MULTI line are high-quality mineral multifunction oils. They are refined by means of complex ingredients that increase the durability of the lubrication film; improve resistance to wearing, oxidation, corrosion, and rusting; and modify friction properties. They are designated for greasing of transmissions, hydraulic circuits, ball bearings, and conducting surfaces in various construction variants. They are particularly suitable for greasing the transmissions and engineering components that require oils capable of exposure to high pressure. They are designated for greasing modern machining technology working under demanding conditions, where these multi-function, high-quality oils find optimal application. They meet the following specifications: ISO 6743: ISO-L-G, ISO-L-HM, ISO-L-CKC, DIN 51 502: CGLP, HLP, CLP.