Special lubricants


OPTIMA FLUID G is a water-soluble medium based on graphite diffused in water, which does not contain mineral oil. It is characteristic for its excellent adhesive capability at high temperature. Owing to the size and structure of the dispersed graphite during application, it forms graphite film with excellent separation and lubrication properties, thus ensuring very good fluidity of metal during thermal shaping. It is used as a separation means for hot and warm steel fitting, but also for stamping of copper, aluminum, titanium, and nickel. It is successfully used on mechanical and spindle presses and hammers even under very demanding conditions when working very complex components. When using this product, avoid freezing temperatures. When mixing liquid OPTIMA FLUID G with water, pour water into the concentrate very slowly and under constant stirring, or use an automatic mixing device. Recommended concentration is 5 to 50%, depending on the complexity of the given operation.


OPTIMA FLUID 220 is a synthetic lubricant for greasing chains and joints at high temperatures. It is characteristic for its very effective greasing capability. OPTIMA RBO 220 contains ingredients against dust formation and abrasion, rusting, foaming, and ingredients inhibiting oxidation at high temperatures. It is designated for a broad range of industrial applications, for lossy lubrication, and very effective supplementary lubrication. It is particularly suitable for greasing conveyor chains exposed to high temperatures. Thanks to its high flash point, it reduces the risk of ignition.

OPTIMA RFLUID 22/32/46/68

Oils of the OPTIMA R-FLUID line are specially developed universal liquids based on substances extracted from plants. They are used in places where using mineral oils would be harmful, especially in the food industry as lossy lubrication.